Les hasards heureux de l'escarpolette (The Swing)

Les hasards heureux de l'escarpolette (The Swing)

Jean-Honoré Fragonard

  • Year created: c. 1767 - 1768
  • Creator: Jean-Honoré Fragonard
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Dimensions: 81 x 64.2 cm
  • Collection: Paintings
  • Gallery: Oval Drawing Room

Fragonard’s iconic painting is one of the most emblematic images of 18th-century French art. A young woman wearing a lovely pink silk frock is tantalisingly positioned mid-air on a swing between her elderly husband on the right and her young lover on the left. The force of the swing caused one of her slippers to fly off, resulting in a privileged view for her lover whose delight is suggested by the symbolic offer of his hat.

P430, The Swing, Fragonard
P430, Les hasards heureux de l'escarpolette (The Swing), Jean-Honoré Fragonard

This summer 2019 saw the launch of our ground-breaking conservation and research project focused around the Collection’s eight masterpieces by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Led by Dr Yuriko Jackall, Curator of French Paintings at the Wallace Collection, FixingFrago aims to address these gaps in our knowledge. Five paintings — whose once-sparkling surfaces are now obscured by heavy layers of yellowed varnish — will be cleaned and conserved.

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